Key concepts

  • Revenue change of FY2014 ($63.7 million) to FY2015 ($78.8million). Which is a percentage change of 24%. This rise of revenue was greatly influenced by increased home settlements and increased contributions from net rental income.
  • Number of homes increased to 240, from 211 in 2014.
  • Home settlement revenue increased by $11.5m to $66.3m.
  • Net profit after tax attribute to shareholders increased by $4.4m to $16.7m.
  • Home site annuity rentals increased by $2.6m to $9.2m.

These increases in revenue and the percentage changes from the FY2014 to FY2015 are immense. This is clearly showing that Lifestyle Communities is constantly growing and improving with large profit margins.


  • I did not understand loan note facility? Or how it benefits?
  • I did not understand the term Deferred management fee?
  • How a conditional contract works in allowing to purchase a future development?

About Lifestyle communities

Lifestyle communities started in 2003 with there first community being Brookfield, Victoria. They have 10 community locations throughout Victoria with soon to be announced a 11th opening in Berwick Waters in April of 2016. 1,800 home owners have chosen lifestyle communities as there place to live a happy retired lifestyle. There are numerous facilities that cater for the sociable and active type such as, heated swimming pools, gym, bowling green, and a club house however they also cater towards the more private individuals, through allowing the occupants of the community to get involved in as little or as much as they feel comfortable. The communities are fully gated and have on-site managers who maintain houses when they are not being occupied.

Below is a link to a video on the lifestyle communities story:



Lifestyle Communities

The firm that i have been looking into is Lifestyle communities, an Australian firm who’s industry is aged care providers. They build over 50’s retirement communities which offer independent living in a luxury home environment. Based predominately in Victoria.

lifestyle communities
Life style community retirees , Victoria.


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